Green Cleaning Alternatives

For years homeowners bought cleaning products based on one criteria, their ability to do the job and get your home clean.  We bought products from commercials because they claimed to be “tough on grease” or “kills 99% of bacteria” but we overlooked the impact these cleaners had on the environment and your health.  Today we’re a little more environmentally conscious and look for green cleaning alternatives.

Read the Labels

Many people have no idea what to look for in a cleaning product to make sure it isn’t harmful to us.  The ingredients list is filled with things we can barely pronounce, so here is what you want to look for.  Products that contain bleach, ammonia or parabens should be avoided.  They contain toxins that affect your respiratory system. If you have family members with asthma you will need to find an alternative.

You will also find several products that claim to be organic but they contain VOCs.  VOCs are volatile organic compounds and are often labelled as a natural alternative but they are far from it.  Most often found in air fresheners, oven cleaners, dish soaps and floor cleaners they can affect your respiratory system in the same way bleach does or cause headaches.  Here is more info on why VOCs are dangerous.

Going Green

Buying eco-friendly products is a better choice and that is what should be in your cleaning cupboard.  If you are employing a cleaning service then they should be using green cleaners as well.  Cleaning products aren’t regulated and the government doesn’t hold to the same standards as they do for food.  So you will find companies trying to cash in on the green movement without putting in the effort to make a green product.

Making Your Own Cleaners

One sure fire way to ensure that your cleaning products are safe and healthy is to make your own. You probably already have most of the ingredients around the house already, with vinegar, baking soda, salt, lemon juice and borax you are pretty much all set. However there are some products that you still want to buy like dish soap and laundry detergents.  When it comes to cleaning floors, counter tops  and most of your home you can get by with the ingredients you have on hand and still kill “99% of household germs”.

Hiring a Cleaning Company

If you don’t have the time or you are physically unable to clean then hiring a cleaning company who uses green products is easier than you think.  If you do a quick Google search there are plenty of cleaning companies in your area ready to meet your needs.