Cleaning the Fridge

Nobody likes cleaning the fridge and it is one of the areas of your home that are often overlooked.  Many wait until spring or before a big holiday to do a thorough cleaning of the fridge.  We want to help make the process a bit easier for you, here is a step by step process to make cleaning your fridge a breeze.

Make Some Space

You want to clean off your counters first so that you have room to put all the food from the fridge while you clean it out.  You will need access to the sink so make sure that is also clean and free of dishes.  Some things will inevitable need to be thrown out so keep your trash bin close at hand.

Empty the Fridge

Now it is time to empty the contents of the fridge, put things together that belong together so you can put them back later easily.  If you have bottles of ketchup or other condiments that are dirty give them a good rinse under the tap.  Make sure you throw out anything that is expired our mouldy.

Clean the Shelves and Bins

Now that everything is out of the fridge you can take out the shelves and the vegetable bins and give them a wash in the sink.  Wash them out with warm soapy water and set them out to dry. If the bulb has burnt out now is the time to replace it.

Clean the Inside Surfaces

Now that everything is gone from the fridge and you have the room it is time to wipe down all of the inside surfaces with a warm soapy cloth.  Look for rust spots, stains or leaks that are happening.  You also want to wipe down the outside so you get rid of fingerprints or stains on the fridge.

Pull Out the Fridge

Lastly you want to pull out your hoover and clean the coils that are behind the fridge.  Over time dust and debris build up back there and it makes your fridge have to work harder to keep your food cold.  You can also sweep and mop under the fridge while it is out of the way.

Put Everything Back

Once the fridge is cleaned it is time to put back the drawers and shelves.  You can use this time to re-arrange or put everything back exactly the way you had it.  Whatever works for you and your family.  You probably have a fair bit of space left in the fridge after getting rid of the old condiments and food, now is the perfect time to head to the local market and fill up your fridge with healthy food.