Laminate Flooring and the Best Way to Clean it

Laminate Flooring tips to looking after them

Laminate flooring and hardwood floors need to be looked after if you want them to last. There is nothing worse than floors that have scratches and worn patches throughout the house.

Laminate Flooring
Keep your Laminate Flooring look like new

Tip 1: Use furniture pads to save your laminate flooring

The very first step before anything else is to buy really good furniture pads. Moving furniture about your Laminate Flooring can cause those deep scratches that never go away. All it takes is a dropped earring or screw to lodge under the leg of a chair to become the enemy of your recent purchase of laminate wooden flooring and once it happens there is no undoing it without hiring a sander and a lot of tears.

Tip 2: keep it clean

Keep your laminate flooring clean from dust and debris. High traffic areas should be swiped regularly. Keep a mat outside your front door to wipe clean shoes. Even go as far as to take your shoes off in the hall. Shoes carry in sand and dirt that can be an abrasive to wooden floors. Brush with an electrostatic mop. Don’t use vacuums with a brush roll.

Tip 3: Avoid excess water

Never use water for water is another enemy of wooden floors it gets under the outer coating seeps into the joining grooves and does untold damage to the surfaces of the hardwood floor. No instead, use a dampened floor mop with the excess water rinsed off.  Avoid using harsh detergents use shop bought wood cleaners instead.

Tip 5: Use the tannin in tea bags

To bring out the natural wood shine steep a tea bag in water. Soak your cloth in the liquid. The wring out any excess liquid and wipe your floor. The tannin in the tea helps bring out the colour in your floor

Tip 6: Cover up scratches with crayons

If you find any scratches, here’s a simple trick. Get a crayon the colour of the floor . Rub it on the scratch to fill the gap. Turn a blow dryer on high, heat the area where the crayon was applied. Then buff it with a soft cloth.

Tip 7: Don’t use Mats

Be very carefully with mats. I find that after time the entire wooden flooring under the mat will have its surface varnish removed. Mats tend to store up all the sand and dirt from your shoes. By walking over it, it turns the mat into a large piece of sandpaper.